Who uses Interactive Textbooks?

Students, teachers, tutors and parents of students in years 4, 5, 6.

Students use Interactive Textbooks to engage in learning by watching videos, problem solving, completing exercises, and testing their knowledge through mini-games and question banks. They can use Interactive Textbooks at home, in tuition centres, or anywhere that their phones or tablets take them.

Teachers and Tutors use Interactive Textbooks because it is curriculum-based. Interactive Textbooks supports their lesson plans with multimedia. Teachers can use the question banks and games to monitor student progress.

Parents use Interactive Textbooks to replace costly tutors. Interactive Textbooks has a tracking feature so they can monitor their children’s progress .

Most tuition centres use rote learning to push students to learn material for exams. With the support of Interactive Textbooks, tuition centres can provide students with a research-based practical approach to achieving academic excellence.